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Pet insurance reinvented

A Trupanion medical insurance policy has the ability to save you thousands and keep your best friend by your side



All pets get the best coverage we have to offer under our one simple plan.

We only have one insurance plan to offer, because our one plan has what it takes to protect every pet.

All Trupanion pets get a medical insurance policy that covers ALL unexpected injuries and illnesses, even if they are hereditary and congenital conditions. No matter what surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, treatments, supplements, or prosthetic devices are needed to help your pet heal, we’ll be there.

Similar to other pet health insurance companies, we do not cover exam fees, sales tax (where applicable), or pre-existing conditions.


Our plan covers 90% of actual veterinary costs for eligible claims once you meet the deductible.*

After meeting your deductible, a Trupanion policy covers 90% of eligible claims at any veterinary hospital, emergency care center, or specialty hospital in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

We don’t put a price cap on how much we’re willing to give out, or dictate veterinarian treatment to fit our budget. Whatever your pet needs, we’ll be there to pay 90% of the eligible bill.


Your pet receives unlimited lifetime insurance coverage without caps.

With a Trupanion policy, your pet receives unlimited insurance coverage for their lifetime. We do not impose any per incident limits, annual limits, or lifetime limits on the amount that we are willing to reimburse.

With no payout limits, you can choose optimal veterinary care for your pet in times of need. You should focus on your pet getting better, not the possibility of hitting a financial ceiling and having to “ration” coverage allowances.

30 Day Certificate

What is a certificate?

The Trupanion certificate program was created so pet owners with healthy, young pets that have been examined by their veterinarian or adopted from a shelter or breeder can experience the Trupanion policy for 30 days without coverage waiting periods and for no upfront cost.

How do I get a certificate?

Pocono Lake Animal Hospital is part of our certificate programs can offer certificates after a veterinarian exam. Please be sure to ask your technician for more information.

How is it similar to enrolling in a full policy?

Everything that’s covered in a full policy is covered under our certificate program. There’s no caps, limits, or penalties for filing claims. You’ll have access to our award-winning customer care team, available 24/7 to answer any questions.

How is it different from the full policy?

It waives waiting periods, so your pet is covered for any new injury or illness that’s not pre-existing. You’ll have a $250 deductible for each eligible condition that occurs during the 30 day certificate period. This special offer needs to be activated within 24 hours, so make sure you call or go online to activate your certificate as soon as possible.

What happens after the 30 days are up?

The coverage will end unless you decide to continue your coverage by purchasing a policy. You can continue coverage at any point during the 30 days, and won’t be charged until your 30 day certificate coverage period expires. If you decide to let the 30 day certificate coverage lapse, you won't be charged at all. However, if the 30 day certificate coverage ends, and later on you decide to purchase a policy, your coverage under that policy will be subject to usual waiting periods (see policy for details) and any new injury or illness that was covered during the certificate period would be considered pre-existing.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We won’t ask for payment information until you decide to continue coverage. We’re so confident that once you try out Trupanion, you’ll realize the value of protecting your pet and join the Trupanion family with 320,000 pets (and counting).

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